“Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand”.

  • Arts and visual arts

    Blending culture and passion across a diverse creative landscape, The Shri Ram universal schools are home to a vibrant and dedicated community that celebrates and practises art in the form of public speaking, visual arts, music, dance and theatre.

    The school calendar is packed with exciting activities and competitions involving debates, acting, elocution, plays, bands and dances culminating in ‘form mornings’, ‘form evenings’ and Founder’s Day programmes with participation from parents.

  • Sports

    With about 4 acres of open spaces for sports facilities, TSUS Hyderabad takes pride in providing best-in-class sports facilities like Soccer & Cricket field, Basket Ball Court, Indoor sports arena, Yoga room.

    For the younger ones, we have created a specially designed play area with sand pit, play gym etc. that will make them want to come to school every day

  • Environment Initiatives

    The Shri Ram Universal School has a very active Environment Programme called “SHRI PARYAVARAN”, which works towards arousing curiosity in the young learners about their surroundings. It works towards developing a sense of responsibility and purpose in the children, which through hands-on experiences, will help them grow into environmentally sensitive citizens of the world.

    Conscious effort is made to encourage the reuse and recycling of material, especially for the hands-on activities at school. These not only develop and increased awareness and consciousness of the environment, it also works towards spreading the same.

    Our young “Earth Ambassadors” work tirelessly, inspiring not just their peers but also the people of the larger community that they interact with in their daily lives.

    This programme also develops in students various learning skills such as observation, research, inquiry, analysis, application, experimentation, presentation critical and creative thinking.

    With Environment being at the heart of the schools concern, all initiatives in this club are taken by students being in the forefront bringing meaningful change within the school campus and further in the community

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