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I still wonder how I had built up my courage for a fresh start to introduce myself to the virtual platform. I remember day one sitting before the screen, thirty minutes before the class, to practice on Teams hoping to handle the class without any glitches.

In the past one and half years, I have come a long way and now I am comfortable and can confidently make use of technical tools in my class. I also enjoy exploring new tools to make the class more interesting for the children.

I really appreciate young Shriites who have adapted to this new method of learning and give their best to everything they do. Keeping the needs of children in mind, effective planning was done by our team and we are proud of the way we have been able to take to the young ones. Many hands-on activities were introduced which they enjoyed doing. It made them understand the concepts in many ways.

We also celebrated many national and religious festivals where the children were made to understand the meaning of 'Unity in Diversity’.

Recently, we had Vanmahotsav celebrations in which children were taught about the importance of trees and the harmful effects that are caused to the environment because of cutting down trees and forests. They also did an activity where they sowed seeds and observed how the seeds gradually turned into tender plants. Their excitement was heartening.

The pandemic has pushed all of us into a forced roller coaster ride, I have learnt a lot from this unusual time. Although there have been many challenges, there has also been an enormous amount of positivity that has emerged out of this pandemonium. For example, there is appreciation for teachers and many communities have come together to support each other.

Now I’m really looking forward to going back to school and getting back into the classroom. I hope that we will all look back at the strange time that we have lived through and embrace the learnings to shape the way we live and learn to be more grateful for what we have.

Rajasri Tampara