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Red Day Celebration

One of the most beautiful things in nature is COLOURS. They are soothing to the eyes and add brightness to our lives. Colours are everywhere and the one things that fascinates young children is colours. To celebrate colours, the students and teachers of The Shri Ram Universal School Hyderabad celebrated ‘Red Day’. All Shriites dressed in RED colour to start the vibrant day. It was an absolute delight to see children dressed in beautiful shades of red.

We began with an activity of turning water into red colour. Children were mesmerized to see the change and they were intrigued. They said, “How did you do that?” and “Can we again change it to colorless water?”

The different red color objects that were showcased were eye catching. They looked curious wondering about the next red coloured thing they were going to see. One child said that the red color capsicum is also available in green colour.

We listened to the story of the ‘Little Red Hen’ which focused on the importance of hard work. We followed this up with some craft work related to the red hen. The children were delighted to make their little red hens.


I still wonder how I had built up my courage for a fresh start to introduce myself to the virtual platform. I remember day one sitting before the screen, thirty minutes before the class, to practice on Teams hoping to handle the class without any glitches.

In the past one and half years, I have come a long way and now I am comfortable and can confidently make use of technical tools in my class. I also enjoy exploring new tools to make the class more interesting for the children.

I really appreciate young Shriites who have adapted to this new method of learning and give their best to everything they do. Keeping the needs of children in mind, effective planning was done by our team and we are proud of the way we have been able to take to the young ones. Many hands-on activities were introduced which they enjoyed doing. It made them understand the concepts in many ways.

We also celebrated many national and religious festivals where the children were made to understand the meaning of 'Unity in Diversity’.

Recently, we had Vanmahotsav celebrations in which children were taught about the importance of trees and the harmful effects that are caused to the environment because of cutting down trees and forests. They also did an activity where they sowed seeds and observed how the seeds gradually turned into tender plants. Their excitement was heartening.

The pandemic has pushed all of us into a forced roller coaster ride, I have learnt a lot from this unusual time. Although there have been many challenges, there has also been an enormous amount of positivity that has emerged out of this pandemonium. For example, there is appreciation for teachers and many communities have come together to support each other.

Now I’m really looking forward to going back to school and getting back into the classroom. I hope that we will all look back at the strange time that we have lived through and embrace the learnings to shape the way we live and learn to be more grateful for what we have.

Rajasri Tampara

A session on Virtual library conducted by Shri Educators (Ms. Ritu Mehta & Ms. Komal Dua)

Hello Shriites!

Hope all of you are in great health and spirits!

It has been amazing to become tech savvy, which we were not earlier on in our profession. Last year it was a struggle, a fight for many of us. But as they say, tough people last the storm. So, here we are once again entering homes virtually.

My major learnings from on-line teaching are:

Students were hand holding us whenever and wherever we lagged behind. We need to reflect on how we can lift each other up. This was a key learning for me from you, dear Shriites as you are so comfortable with technology that it seems like a game for you.

I also realised that any information given to you must be verified and well researched as they you have Google Guruji to check and call out on us immediately.

Thanks to you, we are all well-equipped, energized and evolving with many new tools and techniques in our kitty. We will not use every tool in our kitty at once but shall show you our new tool kit one by one.

Waiting for a wonderful session virtually.

Thank you all.

Until the next, this is Lalitha Ma’am signing off.

- Ms. Lalitha


Along with the children, teachers also are missing going to school physically.

Some thoughts as a teacher….

I am a teacher; school is my workplace where children learn at their own pace

I wake up with the thoughts of my students, each of whom is brilliant

Going there is always exciting as learning from them is never ending

From morning to afternoon, I am with them; sometimes teaching but also learning from them

Each child is unique, it’s a gift of God; for anything they want to do, they take the teacher’s nod

They come every day with the same enthusiasm that teaches me only optimism

Their sounds, cheers welcome me each day, which I miss on a non- instructional working day

Some are attentive, some are not, some are naughty and never worried about getting caught

They help their peers, they help their teachers, in return they never want any cheers

Travelling with them in a school bus is always a new experience

Their stories make you forget your worries as a consequence

When they reach late and miss assembly, the guilt on their face melts your heart easily

Teacher’s day is their favorite too as appreciating their teachers is always what they like to do

Home works, submissions many times missed,

Punctuality, self-discipline values we need to insist

Competitions are something they always look forward to

Showcasing their talent, it’s a delight to watch too

School elections is a major event, producing young leaders who will have to represent

Erasing the board, they take as an opportunity, as if that’s the last time, sometimes leading to fights in the student fraternity

The cafeteria is a place we visit during intervals; you can relish the food despite the high decibels

Tiffin carriers will always have things to share, moments we cherish I swear

All these make teaching learning fun, never gets boring, there is always lots to learn.

- Ms. Megha kuthe

The Tentative First Steps

Being exposed to a completely different environment is always difficult. It was the same for me. Going to my dream school for the first time was daunting. However, the first virtual meet with the team exceeded my expectation. The teachers were friendly starting from the leadership team to the Management Team and the HR team. They approached me positively and introduced themselves in a warm and friendly manner.

The first few days were quite difficult for me because of the technical terms and the unfamiliar terminology being used. However, I soon realised that since with every team member was empathetic, positive, caring and always ready to help each other, it was going to be easy for me. They went out of their way to make me feel unique and welcome to the organization.

I am definitely nervous as overnight the traditional classrooms methods have been transformed to a virtual classroom using the latest technologies and we have become virtual teachers. However, I have strong faith in my team of cheer leaders, the TSUS group and my students. It is for sure the little conversation that build the relationships and makes an impact on the students and teachers.

Looking forward to an everlasting and evergreen relationship with The Shri Ram (TSUS) family.

Proud to be a Shri Educator.

- Ms. Lopa

Parents our Key Partners

Parents are our key partners in education. Their role in the 'Teacher - Parent - Student' triangle is vital. Effective partnership makes the school a better place to learn, grow and thrive for all the stakeholders.

At The Shriram Universal School Hyderabad, we strongly believe in a healthy association with parents. Connect Time with parents has helped us to build strong bonds with our partners.

With the commencement of the new academic year, many new parents joined the Shri family. To connect with our new parents, understand their areas of concerns and support them in enabling their child to settle down comfortably in school, the academic coordinator and the segment head scheduled connect meetings. This was also necessary to instil in them a feeling of trust and confidence that we were with them and that all would be taken care of.

It was an absolute delight when the parents said that they were thrilled to see their children settle down quickly and enjoy the classes and the various activities.

We felt an immense sense of satisfaction when they appreciated the work done by all our teachers.

Some parents expressed concerns regarding technical challenges with respect to the online learning platform. They were assured that the issues will be taken care of.

Connect time with parents gave us the assurance that we were on the right path. As the journey continues, we're sure that together we will be able to give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly.

- Ms. Vijaya


This beautiful and meaningful Sanskrit quote states that trees give us everything - from shade to fruits; they stand in the hot Sun, just like noble people who only give to others.

To ensure that Shriites understand the value of trees and imbibe their importance, a week long Vanamahotsav was celebrated with great gusto at The Shri Ram Universal School, Hyderabad.

It was an activity packed week to celebrate the importance of trees under the Environment Consciousness Programme. Given that the importance of trees in our lives cannot be overlooked, activities were organized for everyone – from the toddlers to the students in class IX.

The celebration was not limited to power point presentations only: skits on the importance of forests, poems on trees, poster making, growing hydroponic plants, songs and discussion on planning for the future were all incorporated to make the learning long lasting.

The response from the student community was heartening. They enthusiastically presented information about evolution of planktons, Bishnois our first tree protectors, Jadav Payeng whose grit made a desert come alive as a forest. They also shared photographs of their balconies and gardens with appropriate captions.

The green attire worn by all and the background of gardens in the virtual mode, gave a feel of actually being in the lap of nature. The programme culminated with a virtual fresh juice party.

Given the right environment, children learn much faster than we expect. The strong message of maintaining our forests for our own existence has not only reached the students but they have already started planning and taking the right steps to conserve our forests.

Overall it was an action packed week stressing the impact of deforestation on the flora and the fauna.

- Ms. Megha Kuthe


There are many things that make us what we are, how we live, the languages we speak, what we eat, the games we play and the things we celebrate. We get an idea how diverse India is.

Yet this diversity is not always celebrated. This is because we feel safe and secure with people who look, talk, dress and think like us.

Sometimes when we meet people who are very different from us, we may find them strange and unfamiliar. At times we may not understand or know the reasons why they are different from us.

People form certain attitudes and opinions about others who are not like them. Very often we find people being discriminated against on the basis of caste, skin colour, race, language, religion or gender. The practice of making such distinctions and treating a person or a group of people less fairly than the others is called discrimination.

I have grown up in the household seeing many things around where discrimination existed.

For example, when I was young, we had a person coming to our house for cleaning the toilets. My grandmother would not let him touch the bucket and mug and would insist that we keep it aside. I often used to question her and she would just say that he should not touch as he belongs to the lower caste and does menial jobs. We would wander why she behaved in such a manner and if we would not agree there would be lot of disagreements which would lead to arguments. Though I couldn’t change her mind I decided not to get influenced by her thoughts and would always treat others equally. That didn’t go down well with my grandmother and the things always became argumentative.

Another incident which I remember and never agreed was that whenever my siblings and I had a fight and after a quarrel we would start crying. My brother was often told that, “You are not a girl don’t cry like them.” This would just blow the lid out and I would react very badly. Why is it that the boys can’t cry? Why don’t they have feelings? Telling the boys to suppress their feelings leads them to frustration and anger when they grow up.

When parents avoid talking about differences and discrimination with their children, experts say, children learn that the topic is taboo. Children might come to believe the differences they notice are more important than they really are. And they might be hesitant to ask questions, missing opportunities to challenge and correct stereotypes.

Discussing differences, on the other hand, can help kids appreciate diversity and better recognize discrimination when they see it. In one experiment with 8 to 11-year-olds, researchers read children storybooks that either downplayed racial differences (referred to as a “colour-blind” approach) or talked about the value of diversity. Later, when listening to stories that featured examples of racial bias, the children who had read the “colour-blind” books were less likely to recognize that bias. Kids who learned about diversity, on the other hand, were better at identifying examples of discrimination.

I thought things would change when I will grow up. But to my surprise not many things changed. There is a change in the thought process wherein girls are allowed to pursue higher studies which initially was not given much importance and are given the freedom to work and choose the fields which they are interested in.

Though the change might be very slow, equality is the value that we have to keep striving for.

Till we change our mind set, things would not change. Let us teach our children to treat everyone equally.

- Ms. Ruchi Mundra