Follow the Teaching Practices, Values and Methodology of The Shri Ram Schools through its collaboration with Shri Educare Limited

Thinking Arcade- 'Think' cade

At TSUS, utmost care has been taken to make sure that the environment maximizes learning and creativity. This Thinking Arcade– 'Think'cade in the school has been created to augment the critical thinking abilities of the Shriites through self-reflection and 'Me' time.

Wonder Spaces

Our curriculum involves various activities to ensure maximum learning through experiences. Hence our spaces have been customized to complement our curriculum.

  • Kitchen Garden: This is a green corner of the school where the students get to learn science hands on and grow their own green leafy vegetables. Growing one's own food is the best way to learn and live.

  • Tree House: This space is loved by all our students. We often have our art class, storytelling sessions, circle time and various activities in the lap of nature, which has a calming effect and ensures that routine activities become exciting and interesting.

  • Mango Grove: This lush green area of the campus is very inviting. Discussions and conversations under the shade of mango trees with friends and teachers is all one can ask for in the 21st century

  • Wonder Time Room: Wonderful things happen in the wonder time room, which is a place for young Shriites to ignite their curiosity and explore simple concepts of science in a fun way.

  • Music Garden & Sensory Corner: A welcoming and intriguing arena for our tiny-tots to explore and make the most of sensory and experiential learning. This uninhibited space enables them to explore and discover a world of texture and sounds through their senses.

Talk Hall

A spacious auditorium that witnesses special events and celebrations. It echoes the cherished moments and happy memories. It is also used for empowering Shriites with skills such as elocution, dance, drama, leadership, articulation etc.

Activity rooms

State-of-the art co-scholastic spaces like PE Room, Dance studio, an acoustically sound music room, clay modelling room, Play gym, yoga and meditation area caters to developing the strengths and interests of our students.

An array of Sports Facilities

TSUS Hyderabad gives equal emphasis to physical education beginning with gross motor development, skill building and also individual sports including soccer, basketball, cricket, volleyball, throw ball and soft ball. An indoor sports facility offering chess, carom and table tennis is a favorite among students. Taekwondo is introduced to promote self-defense, coordination, fitness and higher self-esteem. Skating is also offered in order to improve their muscle strength, flexibility and endurance.

Learning Den

Reading is an important and core habit that we want to inculcate in our children. Hence, we have a well-equipped library with lots of interesting nooks that foster learning


Well-equipped Labs contribute significantly to hands on learning experiences. These spaces enable our students to hone their analytical, observational and critical thinking skills. Shriites also enjoy their time spent in the Computer Lab, Science Lab, EVS Lab, Robotics Lab and Math Lab as these are an integral part of the learning process.


A clean and hygienic refreshment space that provides freshly cooked nutritious food where children bond with peers, juniors and seniors. It is here that team building and networking skills are learnt and honed.


The school provides GPS enabled air-conditioned bus facility up to 15 km.