Follow the Teaching Practices, Values and Methodology of The Shri Ram Schools through its collaboration with Shri Educare Limited

A day in the life of a Shri Educator

Fondly called Shri Shishshaks, teachers are the backbone of TSUS. They are passionate individuals dedicated to their purpose and strive to make each day a wholesome one for Shriites.

The core competence of our teachers is planning engaging lessons to cater to the learning needs of students. They also take pride in designing interesting ways to evaluate student performance and understanding.

Collaboration with peers and research to enhance student experience is an integral part of the day for Shri Shikshaks. They partner with parents to ensure that individual needs of their students are taken care of.

Regular workshops and professional development programmes are a part of their routine. Hand holding, support and care are hallmarks of the Shri Shikshak experience. Additionally, bonding sessions are a regular feature on the monthly calendar as we firmly believe that a happy teacher is the key to a happy school.

From the Shri Educators' desk...

The Shri Ram Universal School has carved a fond place in many a heart. Shri educators are happy individuals driven by passion and possess love both for teaching and life-long learning. The smile with which we are greeted and the warmth that comes our way has embraced us, making us a part of this happy Shri family. Every morning we look forward to deliver, bond, share, give, receive and live the ethos and ideals of the institution.

The liveliness and progressive outlook of the management and the head of the institution infuses life into days. Be it a special snack planned for us on a stay back, or a surprise in the form of a ‘You deserve a Pat’ card from seniors or peers, we are made to feel special and cherished.

Our monthly get together meetings called ‘Shri Milap’ involving academic, admin team and support staff speaks about our bond as a family where working together and having fun goes hand in hand. Appreciation and acknowledgment of our hard work in the form of awards like, 'Aap Anmol Hain' motivates us to deliver our best.