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Dr. Jyothi Reddy DOE, Founding Principal

The Shri Ram Universal School, Hyderabad.

With over two decades of leadership and management roles in the education domain, Dr. Jyothi Reddy has swiftly established the presence of The Shri Ram Universal School in Hyderabad as its founding principal..

Dr. Jyothi Reddy is a lifelong learner who continuously diversifies her skill set. She is an NLP practitioner, a certified life skills and leadership coach, and a life member of the Certified Coaches Alliance. She is currently pursuing a Master Practitioner NLP course. Additionally, she serves as one of the directors at the Nuway Foundation, an NGO dedicated to women, child, and youth skill development. Dr. Jyothi Reddy takes pride in her role as the Rotary Foundation Director at the Rotary Club of Jubilee Hills and as the Chair of Teacher Training for District 3150. Her commitment to making a difference in society is evident through her receipt of an honorary doctorate in social service and education.

Dr. Jyothi Reddy's academic accomplishments include an M.Phil, MA, MBA, B.Ed. in English and Social Sciences, B.Ed. with Hindi, and a Diploma in Pharmacy. She has also completed an online course with distinction from Stanford University on Designing New Learning Environments..

With her expertise, Dr. Jyothi Reddy serves as a qualified academic accreditation assessor from NAABAT, Quality Council of India, and a trained CCE facilitator. She holds certifications in creating High-Performance Organizations from IIM Bangalore, IB PYP Programs and Standards for Administrators, Situational Leadership and Coaching Skills from the Blanchard UK Group, Total Quality Management from CII Bangalore, and Problem-Based Learning from the National College of Singapore. Dr. Jyothi Reddy has conducted several workshops and served as a keynote speaker at the World Education Summit and the National Conference on Techno Vision.

As an esteemed academician, Dr. Jyothi Reddy has received numerous awards and accolades, including the Rashtriya Shiksha Ratan Award by the National Achievers Recognition Forum, Progressive Principal Award, Women's Leadership Award in 2019 and 2020, Jeewan Kaushal Life Empowerment Award, Acharya Devo Bhava Award, Cambridge Academic Achievement Award, Rex Karamveer Global Education Change Champions Award, Uttam Puraskar Award for School Principals, APJ Abdul Kalam Award by Avanthika Group, Outstanding Achievement in the Award category for Indian Art & Culture by Expressions India, IDF Social Action Awards, Distinguished Educator Award, and Award of Excellence in Education, among others. Her selection as one of the most impactful 26 school leaders in the country from 390 peer nominations by IPN further demonstrates her remarkable contributions.

These prestigious awards and accolades are a testament to Dr. Jyothi Reddy's passion and consistent efforts to make a difference in all aspects of her work. With each recognition, she sets higher standards of responsibility and expectations for herself.

Dr. Reddy firmly believes in sharing knowledge and has invested her time in conducting exclusive workshops to impart progressive teaching strategies and mindsets among aspiring teachers in less advanced parts of society. She values building strong connections and partnerships, which is exemplified by her efforts to strengthen the Parent-School partnership during the pandemic. She has hosted a series of webinars for parents on various topics and conducted an exclusive webinar on the New Education Policy. Dr. Jyothi Reddy has also created platforms like Shri Samvad/Shri Saathi, where heartfelt conversations on relevant and significant topics are hosted, featuring esteemed personalities from society. Her visionary thinking led to the establishment of ADB, an Annual National Conference hosted by TSUS, exclusively acknowledging and creating a platform for the teaching fraternity.y.

Under Dr. Jyothi Reddy's guidance, The Shri Ram Universal School, Hyderabad has become a thriving hub of holistic education, embodying its truest sense.

Founder Principal's Message

It was indeed my privilege to come on board as the Founding Principal of The Shri Ram Universal School (TSUS).

The philosophy of TSUS and its child-centric and progressive approach to education ensures that every child is provided with the opportunity to evolve and develop at their own pace. To achieve this, I firmly believe that parents and the school are equal partners and work together to enable our children to realize their potential and achieve excellence in all their endeavors.

TSUS fosters free thinking, ignites curiosity, and nurtures creativity in its students. Discovering latent talent and encouraging children to explore experiment, and experience within the safety and security of the sprawling campus is what sets TSUS apart from others.

TSUS offers its students a platform where they can dream, discover, analyze, innovate, and grow with courage, conviction, and confidence. This is a school where our children will scale new heights in an environment that fosters 21st-century skills and knowledge while ensuring they imbibe deep-rooted values true to our Indian culture and tradition.

Care is taken to ensure that the child experiences that the journey is equally important and memorable as the destination of achieving goals in life. Strongly believing that happiness leads to excellence, not the other way around, every person associated with the school gives their best to make TSUS, Hyderabad a 'Happy School’.

I welcome and invite you to be partners in your child's journey here at the school.