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Student Signature Programmes

Shri Sparsh

Shri Sparsh is the signature programme that is closest to our heart.

Shri Sparsh is the learning and student counselling programme of TSUS, which is an inclusive school. The school is committed to children with special needs and aims to instill qualities of empathy, sensitivity, cooperation and compassion towards everyone.

The objective of Shri Sparsh is to nurture self- esteem, develop children's social skills and build a social circle. The programme is not just for children with special needs but focuses on all Shriites. Inclusion of all our specially gifted students in every activity and event of the school is how we practice inclusion. These students also are a part of the student council body and shoulder responsibility.

Shri Paryavaran

Shri Paryavaran involves all Shriites in activities related to saving the environment in order to create awareness about and get them involved in the protection of environment and conservation of resources. Students engage in a plethora of activities like tree plantation drives, awareness drives during Diwali and Holi. As a part of the Shri Paryavaran programme, they have also run a signature campaign partnering with other schools in the city to protect tigers under the Kids For Tiger banner.

Shri Dayitv

Shri Dayitv involves all Shriites in community service. This programme engages students with real life problems and solutions to strengthen communities through service and enabling the students to become active members of the society; it helps children to acquire life skills and values like sensitivity, humility and responsibility.

Firm steps are taken by our students to make the school a polythene free zone. They also monitor food wastage and work diligently towards conserving resources at school as a part of the Shri Dayitv programme. They have also stepped into the real world to propagate road safety and initiate Swachhata Abhiyan or cleanliness drive as responsible citizens.