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A Password Protection - Arav Batham - VIII-B

PASSWORD - 2008aarav123!
Hmm... This is too easy to crack.
PASSWORD - 2008AARAv135!
No,no,no. This is just too easy.
PASSWORD - J1801saheb12!

Why can't I find a good password plus now he will know where I will live. Nooooo. Alas I am doomed.

What you saw up here is a common dilemma many people face. What password to keep. Password protection is taken very lightly nowadays and now anyone barely even uses passwords because of fingerprint and facial recognition. So, we all keep a password like - name123!, which is very easy to hack. But in this blog, we will adventure through the lands of passwordiana and cross the river of protectionisi to find the ultimate password.

Finding the ultimate password is all about, believe it or not, about psychology. The method of tricking the hacker into thinking one thing and then writing the other. Making passwords using important dates, names of people you know or even your flat number is a big no no. Then how to make a good, strong and easy to remember password. Given below are two methods you can use to create a strong password.

Method One -

YOU don't create one. In a land of technology, the first thing in your find must be to use a password maker app like LastPass. But once you research even more you will find out that in big password randomizer apps, every one is given a random non repetitive password which is allotted by a number. Suppose say that you are No.16384583. You might think that if you didn't make a password, you didn't create a digital footprint. Well, you are wrong, kinda. You might not be leaving a footprint but LastPass is. The hackers might not be able to figure out the password from your laptop but might still be able to access your allotment. This is possible because all of the allotments are stored on the cloud. There is an upside to this. LastPass uses bank-grade encryption (256-bit AES) and TLS certification to protect all data stored in a user's LastPass vault which makes it very difficult for the hackers to access your allotment.

Method 2 -

This method is probably the one you're going to choose if you have watched any Terminator movie. Can't trust those pesky T-1000, can you ? Making a perfect password is easy if you know what to to do. For example, you can use passwords like – MAth_834@1? or 2O2Ois_the@worst313

The passwords need to have more that 8 characters and need to include some or the other type of relevance to you so that it's easy to remember. For example, in the password - jacksonP@1_1, you get to remember it easily but if you post too much about Percy Jackson on social media, that might be a problem. If you are using any relevance in your password do ensure that it is random so that the hackers might not just have a lucky guess and open up your information.