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Cyber security - Bhargava Mohan and Vishal Koguri - VIII-B

We get phone calls that we have received Rs. 5000 in our Amazon transactions. They seem like frauds today and we are going to roll our certain examples that prove that these people are trying to fool and defraud you. It is a clear case to explain fake and unsafe bank charges in a remarkable and effortless way just like a cakewalk and also in a minimalistic manner. There are three main people in the transaction, the fraud which is the money mule, the customer care and the anonymous person who plans the fraud. The money mule is the person who illegally transfers a call to the fake person which goes directly to the scamming customer care and finally the anonymous person, who gets the money from the scammer and they make up their own deals. Such people who try to fool and defraud people using the tried and tested method of hacking are known as fraudsters. These people may ask you for your passwords and personal details and with the help of one password they can hack multiple websites of yours.

To prevent all these hazardous issues, we need to deeply ask who are they and we should check our bank accounts and transactions hence we should be significantly cautious about such dangerous things as they cause an insignificant and a grave issue in the family. Always keep a password that is tough for the scammers to find out, but keep a password that you remember but do not do the same mistake repeatedly as the hacker is not a fool. Use different patterns of passwords for each website so that it will be tricky for the hacker to find the passwords. To spice things up if you are busy with some tedious work, at the same time to keep things like a piece of cake, there is a device known as the BO detector which generates a random satellite password which can be used for your bank accounts and any other type of transactions. To prevent such threatening issues, we should be double the time cautious than what we were and keep a powerful password as it should be an ICW exam for the hacker. There should be a few uppercase letters, a few lowercase letters along with a powerful concoction of numbers and symbols is the true, competitive and a tough board examination for the hacker.

Wi-Fi is the pinnacle for people for a network connection which should be as strong as a metal. When a Wi-Fi connection is hacked it can cause severe damage to the computer which in order crashes the computer. To prevent such damaging Wi-Fi hacking we need to install a VPN (Very Powerful Network) which not only boosts your network to the best of its capabilities but also prevents a malicious user to enter your Wi-Fi network.

Thank you so much for reading this blog. We hope that you had found this piece useful and instructive. Namaste!

Created by Bhargava and Vishal grade 8B (The Shri Ram Universal School)