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Empowering the Teachers

In our quest to create a toolkit for the teachers, we have been harnessing the services experts of various kinds. This has of course benefitted the staff body immensely.

As the leadership team at TSUS, we decided to go a step further by holding sessions by in house SMEs (subject matter experts). Thus, a series on online tools to make classes interactive and fun have been launched. This has been well received by the teacher community as one of their own is showing them the way ahead.

Not only is the team more receptive to explore new tools but they also feel that this can be done. A sense of 'yes, I too can' has emerged from the staff body.

Additionally, the teacher conducting the training feels motivated at the response from the team.

On the whole, it is a win-win situation for all! The ultimate beneficiary is of course the child, who gets to interact with an empowered and energised team of teachers.

- Usha Ramaswamy
Senior School Head