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Happiness back on Campus

Now that children have started trickling back into the classes, it is an absolute delight to see them. Though we have been meeting them regularly online, the charm of meeting them in person, despite the mask and the social distancing, is a privilege that we, Shri Educators, are savouring to the fullest.

The lifeless campus is suddenly buzzing; it's almost as if a fairy has sprinkled magic dust over the school bringing it to life.

The excited squeals, the pitter patter of little feet, the peals of laughter seem like music from another era; there is a realisation that these are sounds that we have been pining to hear.

The connect with the students, which we had consciously worked on during the online classes, has strengthened further with both the teacher and the taught realising that life has given all of us a second chance.

Many a new discoveries and innovations were made during the days of the m pandemic, yet the joy of face to face teaching and learning is a different ball game. It is sheer joy to see the expressions of the child and be able to get instant feedback on the classroom transaction.

As educators, we need to be conscious not to fritter away the learnings of the pandemic; thus, a concerted effort is being made to continue to embed tech tools in the classes. We should also create more opportunities for collaboration for students so that the gap in their socio- emotional development is filled.

At The Shri Ram Universal School Hyderabad, we are focusing more on enabling the children to transition back into their old routine rather than on academics. Thus, a lot of emphasis is on co-curricular activities.

Indeed, happiness is back on campus and we are excited to be embarking on the road ahead with our mantra being learn, unlearn and relearn.

- Usha Ramaswamy
Senior School Head