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Along with the children, teachers also are missing going to school physically.

Some thoughts as a teacher….

I am a teacher; school is my workplace where children learn at their own pace

I wake up with the thoughts of my students, each of whom is brilliant

Going there is always exciting as learning from them is never ending

From morning to afternoon, I am with them; sometimes teaching but also learning from them

Each child is unique, it’s a gift of God; for anything they want to do, they take the teacher’s nod

They come every day with the same enthusiasm that teaches me only optimism

Their sounds, cheers welcome me each day, which I miss on a non- instructional working day

Some are attentive, some are not, some are naughty and never worried about getting caught

They help their peers, they help their teachers, in return they never want any cheers

Travelling with them in a school bus is always a new experience

Their stories make you forget your worries as a consequence

When they reach late and miss assembly, the guilt on their face melts your heart easily

Teacher’s day is their favorite too as appreciating their teachers is always what they like to do

Home works, submissions many times missed,

Punctuality, self-discipline values we need to insist

Competitions are something they always look forward to

Showcasing their talent, it’s a delight to watch too

School elections is a major event, producing young leaders who will have to represent

Erasing the board, they take as an opportunity, as if that’s the last time, sometimes leading to fights in the student fraternity

The cafeteria is a place we visit during intervals; you can relish the food despite the high decibels

Tiffin carriers will always have things to share, moments we cherish I swear

All these make teaching learning fun, never gets boring, there is always lots to learn.

- Ms. Megha kuthe