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Parents our Key Partners

Parents are our key partners in education. Their role in the 'Teacher - Parent - Student' triangle is vital. Effective partnership makes the school a better place to learn, grow and thrive for all the stakeholders.

At The Shriram Universal School Hyderabad, we strongly believe in a healthy association with parents. Connect Time with parents has helped us to build strong bonds with our partners.

With the commencement of the new academic year, many new parents joined the Shri family. To connect with our new parents, understand their areas of concerns and support them in enabling their child to settle down comfortably in school, the academic coordinator and the segment head scheduled connect meetings. This was also necessary to instil in them a feeling of trust and confidence that we were with them and that all would be taken care of.

It was an absolute delight when the parents said that they were thrilled to see their children settle down quickly and enjoy the classes and the various activities.

We felt an immense sense of satisfaction when they appreciated the work done by all our teachers.

Some parents expressed concerns regarding technical challenges with respect to the online learning platform. They were assured that the issues will be taken care of.

Connect time with parents gave us the assurance that we were on the right path. As the journey continues, we're sure that together we will be able to give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly.

- Ms. Vijaya