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Searching Safe!- Sreshta Posani - VIII-B

Wasting time researching and finding out extraneous information? Not being able to find out what you're truly looking for? If yes, then you are in the right place! Most people struggle while researching because there are a lot of websites on the internet that come up, which might not be what you're looking for. Even though it can you be sure that it’s reliable?

Isn't it frustrating having to tell students repeatedly not to search on common browsers? Well, you're in luck! Today I will be sharing with you a few trustworthy sites for kids and students to use and also share suggestions on how to search to the point so that there'll be no more wasting of your precious time!

First of all, there are several kid-safe sites that give estimable reliable information to children along with intricate details and pictures. A few of them are - Kiddle, Kidrex, Britannica, Safe Search Kids, Wonderopolis, Kidzsearch, Brainpop, Kid's Search Engine. The above websites are very secure and provide appropriate information for kids to dig into.

Searching carefully on the Web is a very important aspect of our daily life nowadays. Particularly for students and teens! But searching smartly is equally important! It helps us get our work done quickly and efficiently.

  • While researching, quit using lengthy sentences as if speaking to a person. Try using brief and crisp sentences or even words.
  • Fit in a few keywords that trigger your whole query.
  • While browsing, you don't have to use punctuation.
  • Exclude irrelevant words and phrases.
  • Do not use 'stop words' like (how, what, where, and, the, etc.) unless absolutely essential.
  • When you are still not attaining what you need.... don't give up! Try searching with new words!

Hope you found these tips useful! Don't forget to try out the above-mentioned kids-safe sites.