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The life and working style of everyone has changed during the Pandemic, So The whole world now uses technology to communicate, learn, work, etc. Everyone uses technology now, So how do we stay safe?, We even had to ensure that we were safe even during the times when the virus wasn’t there?, It’s just that the world isn’t as it was. Now it’s just that the people do things virtually instead of doing it physically, but it still doesn’t mean it is safer, it is still vulnerable, So how do we stay safe?

“If the challenge exits so does the solution” a quote by Rona Mlnark. This quote somewhat relates to the challenges we are facing.

Steps To Follow

We have to be safe and there are many ways we can stay safe even virtually, Staying safe virtually can also be termed “Cyber Security”, Cyber security is basically defending phones, laptops, servers, networks, and data from any malicious attacks.

There are many ways as I have told, So I’ll help you understand and learn it.

The first thing I would like to tell is if the device is a phone, Laptop, Tab, Etc. Always keep a strong password example of it is “jelly22fi$h” this password won’t be easy to unlock.

The second thing I would suggest is using a antivirus software which detects and prevents the virus from harming the computer.

Third, Do not click on any links during surfing the web, they might contain viruses, etc. Always click on links which are encrypted (lock on the website). And avoid clicking on links in emails from unknown users.

Fourth, Avoid using Wi-Fi in public places. Always enable 2 factor auth so that the hacker can’t easily login into your account 2 factor auth secures the data even more as logging in then requires 2 steps to verify only then the person will be able to login. These are some of the ways you by which you can stay safe and not be a victim of cyber-crime. So let’s us not fall in to traps, We can easily tackle these things, just follow the steps I have told you regarding Cyber Security, and you are safe.