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Staying Safe Online By - Saiokshitha Morampudi VIII-A

There are many people who get hacked online because of the people giving their personal identity or even their personal information. People get emails and promotions and spill out all the tea from them not knowing whither if all these platforms are true or fake. Some websites can also steal your information.

United Arab Emirates is a very protective country in the case of cyber security. let us know few tips on which United Arab Emirates follow to protect their citizens from frauds.


United Arab Emirates follows few policies which are essential to all citizens. These policies are given below.

Have a password that has special characters- This is a very easy step that you can do in online security. It is to have passwords that contain special characters or symbols. You can add to this by including capital letters and numbers. Use all these elements but be careful about making your passwords too complex. Make sure you write them down somewhere.

NEVER give your credit card information to advertisements- These advertisements can be fake. Never fall for things such as discounts on particular items or on services. These all are traps to get your personal information.

Avoid using "Login via Facebook" on apps- Everything depends on the website or app that you are logging in to. The worst that could happen is that the information you put on Facebook can be edited into a different version and can scam websites and apps.


And know we can conclude that UAE is a county where all citizens strictly follow all the Cyber Security rules for their benefit. Therefore it is safe to say that UAE is a very protective country were all locks can be sealed to each individual without getting spilled to another.