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The Tentative First Steps

Being exposed to a completely different environment is always difficult. It was the same for me. Going to my dream school for the first time was daunting. However, the first virtual meet with the team exceeded my expectation. The teachers were friendly starting from the leadership team to the Management Team and the HR team. They approached me positively and introduced themselves in a warm and friendly manner.

The first few days were quite difficult for me because of the technical terms and the unfamiliar terminology being used. However, I soon realised that since with every team member was empathetic, positive, caring and always ready to help each other, it was going to be easy for me. They went out of their way to make me feel unique and welcome to the organization.

I am definitely nervous as overnight the traditional classrooms methods have been transformed to a virtual classroom using the latest technologies and we have become virtual teachers. However, I have strong faith in my team of cheer leaders, the TSUS group and my students. It is for sure the little conversation that build the relationships and makes an impact on the students and teachers.

Looking forward to an everlasting and evergreen relationship with The Shri Ram (TSUS) family.

Proud to be a Shri Educator.

- Ms. Lopa