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A session on Virtual library conducted by Shri Educators (Ms. Ritu Mehta & Ms. Komal Dua)

Hello Shriites!

Hope all of you are in great health and spirits!

It has been amazing to become tech savvy, which we were not earlier on in our profession. Last year it was a struggle, a fight for many of us. But as they say, tough people last the storm. So, here we are once again entering homes virtually.

My major learnings from on-line teaching are:

Students were hand holding us whenever and wherever we lagged behind. We need to reflect on how we can lift each other up. This was a key learning for me from you, dear Shriites as you are so comfortable with technology that it seems like a game for you.

I also realised that any information given to you must be verified and well researched as they you have Google Guruji to check and call out on us immediately.

Thanks to you, we are all well-equipped, energized and evolving with many new tools and techniques in our kitty. We will not use every tool in our kitty at once but shall show you our new tool kit one by one.

Waiting for a wonderful session virtually.

Thank you all.

Until the next, this is Lalitha Ma’am signing off.

- Ms. Lalitha